"You know they give you an award when you sell a million records. A million copies of one album, you understand? Now what about an award for someone who makes a million different albums, and sells one copy of each? That would be worth an award, and that's one I'd be eligible for, sure would be." -Ronnie Hawkins

"The best songs don't get recorded, the best recordings don't get released, the best releases don't get played". - Jim Dickinson

This discography is in semi-chronological order, with my one man band stuff first since that is both my first, and most recent, output. Then, The Revelators, my first "real" band, and then The Hard Feelings, which made me want to go back to being a one man band... I even included all the CD compilations that only had one cut or that had a cut that was already released elsewhere, because some people actually care about that shit. Thanks to Everett at Grunnen Rocks, without which I couldn't have put this together. I didn't even know about some of these releases.

Looking back on my "career" (ha ha) I think the one man band records and The Revelators releases are probably the things I'm most proud of. I consider the one man band records as a continuation of what I was doing with The Revelators, but with fewer people. Also proud to have any involvement with anything involving Walter Daniels.

The Hard Feelings strayed more into punk rock, with attempts at tuff pop ala the Real Kids and Devil Dogs, which I just don't think I had the vocal chops to pull off. At least most of the lyrics were funny. Most people seem to agree with this assessment, but I have met a few people who love the Hard Feelings and think everything I do should sound like that. Go figure. Anyway, here's every record I ever played on:

Pretty Baby 7" ( Goner Records , 1997, 7Gone) (500 copies, out of print) Pretty Baby/Rock Rock N Roll Hootchie Coo

Rock And Roll Party With The One Man Band 7" ( Ball Records , 2000, BA-1900)

Rock And Roll Party With The One Man Band/The Square

Drive You Faster 7" ( Voodoo Rhythm Records , 2003, VR7 09) Drive You Faster / Good Morning Little Schoolgirl / Factory Dog / I Wish You Would

John Schooley And His One Man Band LP/CD ( Voodoo Rhythm Records) 2005, VR12 23/VRCD 23) Debut LP.

Live On Australian Radio 7" ( Hook Or Crook Records , 2006, HOOK 004/006) Station Break / Aberdeen Mississippi / Look On Yonder's Wall / Tiger Man / Two Headed Woman - Recorded live on PBS Radio 106.7 FM in Melbourne.

One Man Against The World LP/CD ( Voodoo Rhythm Records , 2007, VR12 39/VRCD 39) The second LP.

The Man Who Rode the Mule Around The World LP/CD (Voodoo Rhythm Records, 2015, VRCD83/VRCD83) The third and newest LP.

with Walter Daniels

(Ghost Highway Recordings, 2010, GHR-04)Harmonica!! b/w Take Your Foot Out Of The Mud and Put It In The Sand

John Schooley & Walter Daniels - 'Dead Mall Blues' LP (12XU 067-1) 2015 An all-acoustic album with Walter!


Compilations with the One Man Band

VR Home Of Primitive Rock'n'Roll CD ( Voodoo Rhythm Records , 2003, no cat no) Voodoo Rhythm promo comp with one song from the first LP.

Records To Ruin Any Party - Label Sampler Vol 2 Double LP/CD (Voodoo Rhythm Records , 2005, VRCD 30) Voodoo Rhythm label sampler with two songs from the second LP. Release on CD and double-LP with gatefold.

Squoodge Records – SR 17.23, Drunk'n'Roll Records – DNR 027 7" 2006 - compilation seven inch from Austrian label Squoodge, with 15 one man bands playing ridiculously short songs. The Schooley track is 32 seconds long.

The Revelators

Serve The Man/Crawdad 7" single (Crypt , 1996, CR-068)

We Told You Not To Cross Us (Crypt , 1997, CR-073)

The Revelators Featuring Walter Daniels 7" ( Sympathy For The Record Industry , 1998, SFTRI 512)

Let A Poor Boy Ride LP (Crypt Records, released 2009. The "lost album" recorded in 1998, but not released until a decade later. Contains probably my best slide playing ever recorded, on Bukka White cover Jitterbug Swing.

Compilations with The Revelators

Crypt - Beat Generation CD (Beat Generation , 1997, #5) promo CD comp released with German magazine Beat Generation, includes two cuts from the first LP along with pretty much every other modern Crypt band.

Landlocked & Loaded CD ( Trouble In River City , 2000, TIRC-001) Contains two cuts from the "We Told You Not To Cross Us" session, unavailable elsewhere. Too bad the cover is so ugly.

Cheapo Crypt Sampler #2! CD ( Crypt , 1997, CR-074) Cuts from the first album, along with every other band on Crypt at the time.

Root Damage 2xCD ( Sympathy For The Record Industry , 2003, SFTRI 713) Includes Ol Slew Foot, Johnny Horton cover from the Sympathy single with Walter.

Walter Daniels Blows His Top LP ( Lady Kinky Karrot Records , 2008, LKKK03LP#2) Contains one track from the 2nd LP, which was unreleased at the time.

with South Filthy

You Can Name It Yo' Mammy If You Wanna ... CD ( Sympathy For The Record Industry , 2002, SFTRI 701) I sat in on a session with supergroup South Filthy, featuring Walter Daniels, Jack Oblivian, and the only man to back up both an Oblivian, and Jimmy Vaughan, Mike Buck.

The Hard Feelings

Fought Back And Lost LP/CD ( Sympathy For The Record Industry , 2000, SFTRI 604)

Anytime I Want! 7" ( Dropkick Records , 2001, BEHIND 009)

You Won't Like It ... 'Cuz It's Rockn'Roll! LP/CD ( Dropkick Records , 2001, BEHIND 019) corelease with Beer Land Records (BEER 01) Slapped this cereal-box looking cover together to rush the album out before a European tour. Then, brush with success, it actually got featured in Rolling Stone. Band was unable to capitalize on this exposure because we had already sold all the copies before that issue came out. Then, Rich Stanley of Dropkick was diagnosed with kidney cancer and couldn't press up any more. True story.

Are Having A ... Soul Party! 7" ( Gearhead Records , 2001, RPM 029)

Spike Penetrator With The Hard Feelings 2x7" ( Dropkick Records , 2002, BEHIND 026)

Rebels Against The Future LP/CD ( Dropkick Records , 2003, BEHIND 028) Somehow I managed to get both Earl Poole Ball and Redd Volkaert to play on this.

100 Miles An Hour 7" ( Tear It Up Records , 2003, TIU7 009) Roy Loney cover w/ Bo Diddley instro, Bo's Bounce, on the flip. Actually some good guitar playing on the Bo side, if I do say so.

Compilations with the Hard Feelings

The Las Vegas Shakedown! CD (Masked Superstar Recordings, 2000, MSR 001)

Smash Up Derby CD ( Gearhead Records , 2003, RPM 041)

Gas Food & Lodging - Rock And Roll Roadtrip CD ( 1+2 Records , 2003, 1+2 CD 150)

Shakin' In My Boots: A Texas Rock 'N Roll Compilation CD ( Licorice Tree Records , 2004, YUM 1002)