Places to waste time on the internet (besides here).

Beerland The world famous lil' ol' punk rock dive.

Voodoo Rhythm Beat Man's label! Thanks for puttin out my records. There are also lots of other unique, high-quality, and bat-shit crazy artists who are worth checking out on this label. Support Voodoo Rhythm!

12XU Records Buncha punks and also me and Walter Daniels.

Crypt Records The legendary record label, home of Back From the Grave, the Oblivians, Gories, etc. etc..

Norton Records Another excellent re-ish label, with the occasional new artist thrown in who is also worth your attention. Also famous as the label that brought Hasil Adkins to the world's attention.

Ace Records An excellent re-issue label of early American roots music. I covet the entire catalog.

Bear Family Records A German label doing museum-quality reissues of classic American music that Americans are too ignorant to know about. Or that American record companies are too greedy and short-sighted to care about. Why do Americans let another country do the best job of documenting their own uniquely American culture? Anyway, support Bear Family with your hearts, minds, and dollars.

Field Recorders Collective is an organization dedicated to the release of materials (music and photographs) from private collections. Great old time recordings of known and unknown performers from living rooms and back porches.

Tompkins Square Records Another great record label.

Dust-to-Digital And another.

Light in the Attic And another.

Yazoo Records Acoustic, pre-WWII roots musics from America and elsewhere. Where scratchy, impossible-to-find 78's get found and heard again.

Association of Recorded Sound Collections You should join.

Southern Folklife Collection One of the nation's foremost archival resources for the study of American folk music and popular culture.

Smithsonian/Folkways Dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound. Just like me!

National Recording Preservation Foundation The NRPF is an independent, non-profit charitable corporation that, with your help and that of other donors, offers grants and assistance to the nation’s archives, libraries, cultural institutions and others who are committed to preserving… the Sound of America.

Bowling Green Pop Culture Library Apparently the only library in the world that has copies of my albums.

Walter Daniels has a Wikipedia page!

Jon Broven Music history researcher, author of many great books including Record Makers and Breakers, mandatory reading for fans of this website!

Bushman Harmonicas Schooley plays the Delta Frost model, 'cuz it's got the nastiest, most bad-ass sound of any harp you're gonna find! Says me.

Goner Records Label, record store, societal outcast message board host

Hook or Crook Golden Boys, Haunted George, and me.

Fat Possum Records Forever in their debt for bringing R.L. and T. Model to the world's attention.

Rave Up Records Penetrators re-issuers and punk rock documentarians

Animal Rummy Rob Jones, artiste supreme! Doing stellar work for me and some other band, I can't remember, White sumthin', never heard of 'em...

Grunnen Rocks The web's best rock n' roll resource compiled by the indefatigable Evert.

Tim Kerr Austin punk godfather, artist, and all 'round good guy.

Spike Penetrator "King of Basement Rock" and Fred Records head honcho.

South Austin Music Great guitar and music shop in Austin, Texas.

Street Legal Guitars Another great guitar shop in Austin, Texas.

Antone's Records Great record store in Austin, Texas.

Breakaway Records Great record store in Austin, Texas.

End of An Ear Great record store in Austin, Texas. Mail order my records from Dan and Blake!

WFMU Keeping the corpse of real radio twitching in the Clear-Channel graveyard.

Renate Winter Photographer who has taken many pictures of me, yet somehow her camera remains unbroken.